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A Long Road to Success!

Business Mistakes Are Preventable.

Seek to Enhance your decision-making and leadership skills. Key points include:

Happy Readers

Dawn Wells
An extremely relatable and relevant book and not just for business owners.
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This is a must-read guide for entrepreneurs and business leaders. It sheds light on common mistakes made in the business world and offers practical solutions to overcome them. This book is a valuable resource for both newcomers and experienced professionals, aiming to enhance decision-making and leadership skills. Williams shares her insights in a straightforward manner, using relatable examples to illustrate key points. By reading this book, you can sharpen your ability to make informed business choices and become a more effective leader. Beyond its utility for business professionals, A long Road to Success also has value for the average consumer. It helps you better understand the dynamics of the business world, enabling you to make wiser consumer choices and navigate the products and services offered by companies. In today's marketplace, this knowledge is invaluable for making informed decisions as a consumer and/or business owner.
Michelle Bryant
A business tool must have!
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Get this book! You will not be disappointed. This book is a great roadmap for navigating business woes and pitfalls. If you're starting a business and you're not sure where to start or what to expect, this book is for you. Even if you have a business and thinking about giving it up, read this before you give up!
Phase 1 Sorts Online
Great book, great stories!
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The stories in the book made it very easy to understand and be able to implement what’s being taught. Love that the book covers so much of business and mindset. I highly recommend.
Latasha Bryant
Worth the read
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Read this book if you are a new business owner or are considering starting a business. The author shares her personal experiences and examples from other business owners she has consulted as an Accountant/Bookkeeper for small/meduum businesses. The book will help you avoid common pitfalls and teach you everything you need to know or consider as a new business owner. It will also encourage you in your journey to achieve success and pursue your goals and dreams. I enjoyed reading it, esp. the personal anecdotes. It was both informative and engaging.
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